Meth is a growing problem in New Zealand and is a serious risk to property owners.  It affects house buyers, sellers, investors, property managers and real estate businesses.   Poorly informed decisions can cost tens of thousands, let alone the emotional damage.  Meth contamination can have a profound effect on home owners and occupiers, many of which are not obvious.

There remains no formal standards in place for either testing or the clean-up of meth affected property though a formal ‘standards committee’ has been formed in 2016 and is currently looking to formalize the revised Ministry of Health guidelines released in October 2016 (Guidelines around the world adopt a range of acceptable levels – 0.05 to 1.5 µg per 100sqcm).

MethSolutions samples up to 8 areas of approximately 100 sqcm. This allows meaningful relativity to be established between the currently acceptable guideline levels and the total amount of meth residues found in the samples.

By monitoring for manufacture (the catastrophic risk) using MethMinder and Baseline testing for use (the most frequent source of meth contamination), you can deter it from ever happening to you.

A Baseline test provides irrefutable evidence at a point in time of the meth residues that are in a property.  Having to give 48 hour notice of an inspection to a tenant is sufficient time to clean out a house and have the property manager turn up with the police.

As a landlord, there is a duty to provide a safe, healthy and habitable home for tenants. You must ensure you test at the commencement and conclusion of each tenancy.  Insurance companies require that you carry out regular inspections on a tenanted property, have photographs and a written report of each inspection.

I am a certified sampler for Meth Solutions Limited, a nationwide leader in education and innovator on issues of meth in New Zealand since 2008.   Meth Solutions Limited are independent testers and do not carry out decontamination.   All samples are sent to Hill Laboratories in Hamilton for independent testing.

I offer a discrete professional service.  I’ll call in at a time to suit you, the home owner or tenant using an unmarked car.   The address is known only to the certified sampler and Meth Solutions Limited,

Don’t be a victim – be informed about the risks and how to protect your, or your client’s property.

If you would like me to carry out a meth test for you give me a call or book a test online.

How to order a baseline meth test online

  1. Go to
  2. On the right hand side click on “book a baseline test”.
  3. Complete the form. The form will ask “How did you hear of us? Insert certified sampler.”  Then it will ask for my ID.  Insert my number which is 160531

By using this number, you will be assured I will carry out the test, otherwise it can be allocated to another tester.