Buying into a village is a major financial and lifestyle change. It is totally different from buying your own home so you must be cautious.  As with any home choosing a village is guided by personal and other priorities.  Ultimately, you decide what value the village has in your life.

In most cases a retirement village is a purpose built community specifically designed to cater for the differing needs and lifestyles of occupants.  There are many styles of accommodation available. You may choose a unit, villa, apartment, serviced apartment or another option offered by the village. A retirement village is not a hospital or a rest home although many have these facilities within the complex together with other shared facilities.

In most cases you won’t own your unit.  Villages use different types of legal tenure including a Licence to Occupy, Occupation Right Agreement, Unit Title or Lease (lease for life or a life interest).

You may feel bewildered and confused by the type of ownership or the documents each Village or the one you have chosen have given to you.

I will help you by:

  • explaining the type of ownership and what it means to you
  • helping you to identify your needs both now and in the future to assist you choose the right village for you
  • explain to you what you are getting for your money, the costs you can expect to pay during your occupancy and the cost of departure
  • reviewing the documentation and advising you of any changes that should be made
  • liaising and negotiating with the Village on your behalf

Please don’t hesitate to call me to discuss your personal situation, the options available to you and the meaning of the documents for you both now and in the future.