I understand the anxiety when it comes to selling your property. There are so many unknown factors.

Do I need a land agent? What instructions do I give to the Land Agent? What will the land agent do for me?

What does my solicitor do? When do you need to engage a solicitor?

Will a Purchaser or their solicitor find fault with my title, building reporting, land information or other inspection?

What are my Landlord obligations in respect of a tenancy?

How can I achieve the best possible price?

Whether selling privately, through an agent, by negotiation, tender or by auction I can explain your obligations and process under each style of contract. The warranties contained within the contract could be expensive if you aren’t in a position to give them.

I can make the unknown known. I will help by:

  • reviewing your title. If there are issues, I will advise how these may be resolved
  • reviewing the Land Information Memorandum, identifying issues, if any, and assisting with remedial solutions to ensure when a Purchaser requests a Land Information Memorandum there are no surprises
  • reviewing the Building Report to identify any major or minor issues
  • advising Landlord obligations to Tenants if the property is to be marketed and giving notice in compliance with the Residential Tenancies Act should the purchaser require vacant possession
  • offering suggestions of clauses that should be included in the Agreement for Sale and Purchase to ensure you are protected

I will identify risk. If issues exist, I will help you to resolve them, advising of your contractual obligations and guide you through a difficult process, enabling you to make informed decisions.

While your lawyer can also attend to these matters on your behalf, I have personally worked in the legal profession as a residential property law specialist for over 30 years and can offer you this service at a substantially discounted rate than that of your lawyer.